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It's not about religion ... it's about discovering Appreciation as a state of being

What Is ThankGodI?

Discovering your Thankgodi story can change your life; sharing it can change the world…

Could your greatest life challenges really be as valuable to you as your happiest moments? Can you really not get the "good" without the "bad" - the "yin" without the "yang."?

People become fully empowered by becoming thankful for EVERY part of their life.

ThankGodi provides premium quality online courses, e-books, news and live events, on how to overcome any challenge or tragedy to empower your life, At ThankGodi, celebrities, politicians, professionals as well everyday people share their real life stories of tragedy to triumph.

We believe that EVERYBODY deserves the opportunity to live their inspired life. We share how to ACHIEVE this life and a home where you may share your story with the WORLD.

Our Mission


Your life story may seem confusing, even a mess… Your life is eternally perfect, and you can experience this perfection today.

Our mission at ThankGodi is to help you expand your awareness, evolve your universal understandings, discover the hidden gifts in life’s challenges, and reveal, appreciate and effectively communicate your unique genius.

Discovering the balance around distressing events and circumstances is empowering, inspiring, and life changing.

Hidden between the emotions that often blind us, there exists an underlying balance. As we discover this underlying balance, we become able to see beyond our "negative" or "positive" experiences and appreciate our worth and value.

Our Stories

ThankGodi exists as a premium education and entertainment platform where people come to discover and share the wisdom hidden in their hearts.

Through storytelling, courses, movies, seminars, consulting, and events, we deliver premium content and offer the opportunity for you join us in expressing your personal journey.

The ThankGodi stories share their authors’ extreme challenges and the wisdom gained by finally embracing what had once seemed overwhelming. Each ThankGodi story contains an extraordinary experience and life lesson. Trauma, abuse, death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness – each presents an overwhelming challenge and a remarkable solution.


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Kirstin O'Donovan

Thank God I'm a Procrastinator

It started off as any other day normally would; only that day I had the boring task of going through my old boxes to free up some desperately needed cupboard space. As I sifted through the piles of papers and notes I had collected over the years, each item brought up a different emotion. I got that lump in my throat and that heaviness in my heart – to say I was overcome with nostalgia would be an understatement.